Application Development

NewLane and our partners have years of experience developing applications not only using the latest tools, languages, and technologies, but we make sure to blend in the right patterns and methodologies that best suit your development efforts.

Our core strengths are in the following areas:

  • Requirements Gathering
  • Model Driven Architecture
  • Platform Dependent Design
  • Modernization
  • Augmentation
Requirements Gathering

This is where most projects fail. The inability to understand or hear what the business needs will cost vital time and money, putting business objectives at risk and delivery in jeopardy. NewLane first partners with business owners, project management, and technology staff to drive a common understanding. NewLane seeks to ask all the right questions upfront to make sure no stone is left un-turned, and the likelihood of surprises is diminished.

We are comfortable deciding the method best suited to gather, elicit, and communicate requirements, but we are also flexible to adapt to whatever process works best for you.

Model Driven Architecture

Once all requirements are documented in writing, NewLane moves onto the modeling phase.

During this phase, NewLane will develop an exhaustive set of UML diagrams to demonstrate our understanding of the problem being solved. These diagrams for the initial transition from business definition to technical comprehension, and they include :

  • Class diagrams
  • Sequence diagrams
  • Collaboration diagrams
  • Compliment diagrams
  • Deployment diagrams
Platform dependent design

Once business and architecture requirements are pinned down, NewLane moves into the development phase. Using the model diagrams developed during the architecture phase, NewLane turns to using the “Framework of Framework” platform.

Framework of Frameworks

This platform brings together business and technical requirements, along with corporate branding standards, to generate your application’s core software artifacts, components, and services. This often represents 100s of 1000s of lines of software language specific code and configurations. This frees up your technical staff to build out the generated app to focus on developing your specific business solutions.


Using our Framework of Framework platform, NewLane can update applications built on top of older technologies. Such migration scenarios include:

  • PowerBuilder
  • MS Access/Visual Basic,
  • Clent/server to web-based
  • Web-based to cloud/mobile
  • Traditional monolithic architecture to micro-services architecture
    Team Augmentation

    NewLane can provide your existing team with the technical talent needed to give your project a boost to keep you on track. From architects and developers to DBAs and QA professionals, NewLane professionals understand how to fit correctly into your existing effort, adapting to your team structure and development methodologies