Discovery Platform

Due to years of experience within our Search Practice, NewLane has developed a discovery platform to help us create and deploy your search applications. The resulting applications are rich with the features your users need or have become accustomed to. Importantly, the platform is able to connect to many of the most popular data source include:

  • Apache Solr and Solr Cloud
  • Elastic Search
  • Hadoop
  • Google GCS
  • Google Drive
  • Amazon Cloud Search
  • Relational Databases

The architecture of the Discovery Platform provides clear separation between the data source, search results, and the usage of the search results. This means we are able to handle scenarios beyond the traditional "Google-like" display of the search results. Examples of other scenarios for search results usages are

  • Persistence of results to another data source or search engine
  • Place results on an ESB such as Mule or Tibco
  • Serve as input into a web service
  • Customize UI to blend search results with other business data

Since the results for any search experience are tied to a customized template, the different ways to consume the search results are endless.