Framework of Frameworks – Simplifying Complexities

NewLane and it's partners have come together to develop a software platform to help us deliver your applications faster and less expensive, without compromise to quality, modernization, or today's standards.

This software platform uses Model Driven Architecture to keep separate the business specific model from the platform specific model. This is important because as technology stacks change, frameworks come and go, and software languages. The platform maintains a set standard platform specific models to handle the most common tech stack configurations of today, include:

  • Tradiional Web architectures using Spring, Hibernate, Bootstrap/JQuery, and others
  • Mobile for Android or iOS
  • Micro-service Architectures supporting Akka, Play, Jersey, and others
  • Headless scenarios using MongoDB and node.js
  • Amazon AWS for a Cloud implementation
  • Import of Custom Framework Packages

The platform blends the selected platform specific model with a business specific model. The business specific model is provided in one of 3 forms:

  • Standard XMI file or Eclipse EMF file - Used for new application development or application augmentation (optionally)
  • Reverse Engineer from Existing Code - (Support for Java POJOs for now)
  • Reverse Engineer from Database Schema - (Supports all popular RDBMS)

Once the platform specific and business specific models are selected and blended, NewLane is able to generate the foundation and fundamentals of any application, often resulting in an app made up of 100s of 1,000s of lines of code that is immediately built using Maven and deployed using Maven:Jetty. NewLane then runs a standard smoke test through the application to ensure it functions as expected. Of course, we have to continue to build out the app features that could not be generated, but often it is only a small portion of the overall code total.