GSA Migration

Now that Google has announced the termination of GSA support, don't panic. NewLane and it's partners have already successfully transitioned others off the GSA, and are prepared to help you by taking the following steps.

Step 1 - Search Assessment

Before unplugging the GSA, NewLane will work with you to layout a transition plan. The goal is to minimize disruption to your current GSA users and IT processes for updating content. This plan will minimize risk and ensure a smooth transition to the new targeted search platform(s). In this assessment we will document:
  • Current ingested data and sources
  • Data transformations
  • Search user and data categories
  • Breakdown of GSA analytics
  • Recommended search platform(s), and more...

Step 2 - Content Migration

NewLane, with our deep partnerships, has expertise in data connectors, content ingestion, security integration, and search engine configuration.

Step 3 - Search Application Development

NewLane will leverage our Discovery Platform to stand-up a superior search application than what you now get out of the box with GSA. We have experience developing full featured search apps to all the major search engines including Apache Solr and Elastic Search.