Search Practice

NewLane and it's partners have years of the experience improving the search experience of our clients. No two strategies or requirements are alike so we first listen and ask the right questions to determine the right first steps. Whether it's adding value to your ongoing enterprise search initiative, or helping you develop an all encompassing progressive enterprise search strategy, NewLane will take the lead as your trusted technology partner.

Current State Assessment

Working with your team, we will take inventory of your current search capabilities. This will include a realistic look at the entire landscape including:

    Sources of Search

  • Applications
  • Document Management Systems
  • In House Developed
  • Repositories
    • ECM
    • File Shares
    • Databases
    • Search Engines
    Document Usage

  • By Volume
  • By Size
  • By Line of Business
  • By Application
  • By Repository
  • By Time
    User Search Patterns

  • Frequently Searched For
  • Frequency of Found
  • Frequency of Not Found
  • Assigned Users vs Actual Users
  • Total by
    • Time
    • LOB
    • Group
    • App
    • Repository

This will give you a realistic snapshot of how search is used within your company so you can develop an honest and successful go forward strategy.

Maturity and Transitions

After we've worked with you to acknowledge your true enterprise search state, we can move forward to the next exercise:

Maturity Model:
NewLane will map your existing search maturity capabilities onto the search maturity model we've developed over years of industry experience. This will give you an idea of where your search capabilities fall when overlaid with your business objectives. This will help you to see the limitations of your current maturity and the possibilities of maturing your existing search capabilities.

Transition plans:
Once your current search maturity is defined, NewLane can then develop the necessary steps to get you to where you need to be. Our search maturity model has steps that build upon each other from one maturity level to the next. Therefore the transition plans we put in place will be one, three, and five years out. These plans will account for current and planned project activity, the technology in use and yet to be upgraded/purchased, and current talent’s aptitude.

Search App Development

Leveraging our discovery platform, NewLane will work with your business users and search end users to develop the right search applications. Feature options include:

  • Multiple search repositories
  • Query filtering to fine tune results
  • Query faceting to further refine results
  • Federated search across multiple sources of searchable data and documents
  • Integration of your corporate look n feel
  • Template based definition on how to consume search results

Importantly, the apps developed must not only provide the features search users demand, it must return the results they need in the fashion they best can use them.